Empowering Palamas Kindergartens: A Donation from Heraklion Airport

Empowering Palamas Kindergartens: A Donation from Heraklion Airport

Complete coverage of needs with a donation of technological equipment for all kindergartens of the Palamas Municipality of Karditsa, offered by the company of International Airport Heraklion of Crete SA

The International Airport Heraklion of Crete SA , with a strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to improving the quality of life of people and especially children, proceeded to donate all the necessary technological equipment to the kindergartens of Palamas Municipality of Karditsa.

Recognizing the need to support the educational community in the affected areas, the company responded to the call of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports to meet critical needs.

Specifically, it provided 10 desktop and laptop computers, 4 projectors, 5 interactive boards, 3 color multi-function devices and 3 tablets, equipment that will be distributed to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Palamas Kindergarten.

IAHC S.A., within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and recognizing the importance of its role as a responsible corporate citizen, does not limit itself to its business activities, but makes efforts to develop initiatives that enhance social well-being.

Mr. Athanasios Vourdas, General Manager of IAHC S.A. stated: “The donation is aimed at the total restoration of the technological equipment of the kindergartens that suffered huge disasters. Thanks to this move, the children and their teachers at Palama Kindergartens can start the school year and get back, step by tep, to normal.”

The company, convinced of the value of investing in education as a driving force for social progress, expresses its social commitment through this initiative, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to cultivating a stronger and more sustainable future.

In this context, IAHC S.A. will continue its important initiatives that contribute to the social and economic well-being of the country.