The Company International Airport of Heraklion Crete Concession Company “IAHC S.A” promotes Sustainable Development, protection of the Environment and the effective management of climate change issues as high priority objectives.

IAHC S.A follows a holistic approach in managing environmental and social risk, fully aware of its responsibilities towards the Environment, its Employees, its Stakeholders and the Local Community.

Within the framework of this strategy, IAHC S.A is committed to act taking into account the following:

  • The assessment of the environmental impacts of all operations and activities in order to mitigate them.
  • The development and implementation of climate change mitigation measures, prioritising the minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions and the overall reduction of the new Airport’s carbon footprint, while encouraging all contractors and third parties operating at the Airport to contribute to this effort.
  • The adoption of best practices aimed at minimizing pollutant emissions from the new Airport’s operations, while monitoring air quality in the area.
  • The continuous monitoring of noise levels and implementation of measures to minimise noise emissions.
  • The development of an ecological strategy aimed at integrating and adapting the new Airport into the natural environment.
  • Minimizing waste production, aiming to achieve high recycling rates and promoting the Circular Economy Principle.
  • The participation in a constructive, continuous and open dialogue with all stakeholders, including local communities and employees.
  • The promotion of the protection of the natural and man-made environment (fauna, avifauna and flora,cultural heritage).
  • Raising awareness of environmental and social responsibility among employees, customers, partners, suppliers, the Public and other stakeholders.
  • The publication of environmental monitoring results.
  • The development of a grievance mechanism for submitting and recording complaints, so that everyone has the opportunity to express concerns and make suggestions, regarding the activities of IAHC interacting with third parties.
  • The implementation of best energy-saving practices in the buildings and infrastructure of the new Airport, as well as the development of Renewable Energy Sources.

Finally, IAHC S.A is committed to continuously evaluate its environmental and social performance and to seek to minimise the environmental footprint of the new airport by implementing effective practices.