Passengers Information


I. Duty Free Shops

Exclusive choices of perfumes, toys, sweets, spirits, jewelry and accessories in a brand new area of 2100sqm available for passengers in and out of the Schengen area, before the passport control. At the same time, passengers are given the opportunity to order their products online by selecting the banner on the left, while there is also a Last Minute Duty Free area for passengers out of the Schengen area.

DUTY FREE Shops | Tel: 2810 – 300170 Fax .: 2810 – 244808

Cosmetics Store | Tel: 2810 – 2470512

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II. Food

One (1) restaurant | Tel: 2810 – 333485, 397257
Four (4) beverage shops-canteens – EVEREST | Tel: 2810 – 397243, 397246, 397247, 397255
One (1) beverage shop-canteen FLOCAFE | Tel: 2810 – 397243

ΙΙΙ. Baggage Management/ Lost and Found

Baggage Storage | email: [email protected] Tel: 2810 397349 & 2810 336693

Baggage wrapping | Departures building ground floor Tel: +30 2810 – 223218

  • Goldair Handling | Lost and Found email: [email protected]  Τηλ: 2810-397345
  • Skyserv | Lost and Found email: [email protected];  Τηλ: 2810-397384
  • Swissport | Lost and Found : 2810-397384

Alternatively please submit your claim for lost baggages in the following link:

IV. Exclusive Services

“VIP” Lounge | Operating on a 24-hour basis | Tel.: 2810 – 397112
“BABY ROOM” (baby care) on the ground floor of the new departures and arrivals hall

V. Airport Health Check Station

(24-hour operation) Tel.: +30 2810 397280, +30 2810 397721

VI. Travelers with Special Needs

Please contact your airline or the ground handling companies your airline cooperates with:

  • Goldair Handling| Tel: 2810 – 397342, 397471 Secretariat: Tel : 2810-224268
  • Skyserv| Tel: 2810-397211, 397214 Secretariat: Tel: 2810-337211
  • Swissport| Tel: 2810 – 397393 Secretariat: Tel: 2810-397474, Fax: 2810-347389

VIΙ. Tax Refund

Passengers eligible for VAT refund need to proceed to the Customs office which is located in the departures’ free access area, in order for the Tax Refund form to be stamped by the Customs. Passengers need to hold the respective articles they have bought. Tax Refund is provided within the premises of Duty Free Shops at Global Blue offices

VIIΙ. Banks - Currency Exchange

Banks | ΑΤΜs at the departures level

Currency Exchange at departures before and after passport control as well as at arrivals after baggage collection

IX. Wifi – Internet

Wifi access is provided in the dining areas and the Duty Free Shops

X. Miscellaneous

Post Office
Ice-cream shop AIR ROLOI | Tel: 2810 – 424234
Gift shop | Tel: 2810 – 243974
Local Cretan products of agricultural cooperatives
Eleftheroudakis Bookshop

XI: Prohibited items

The following are not allowed:
Forks and knives, tweezers, scissors, medical tools, corkscrews, nail clippers, screwdrivers,
Gases, Chemicals, Poisonous Substances, Corrosive Substances, Explosives, Flammable Materials, Radioactive Materials

The following are allowed:
1) Pets and Companionship Animals according to the instructions of the Ministry of Rural Development

2) Smoking in specially designed areas with appropriate marking
3) Alcohol consumption in food areas/restaurants

Passengers are advised to contact the Airline regarding the transportation of liquids, pets and bulky items as well as the Customs Authority (tel) regarding the Foreign Exchange declaration and the transportation of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, valuables and household appliances.


Terminal Customs | Tel: 2810 – 220390
Head of Customs | Tel: 2810 – 397470
Foreign countries arrivals Customs| Tel: 2810 – 397282, 397287

Hellenic Police

Commander | Tel: 2810 – 246720
Officer of Service | Tel: 2810 – 246740
Passports | Tel: 2810 – 246747
Head| Tel: 2810 – 246745 Fax: 2810-301277

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The Control is realized to all European citizens traveling to / from countries that are not members of the Schengen Treaty using cross-checking identity technology based on a relevant database of the Hellenic Police.

ΧΙII. Special Checks

Within the framework of the COVID 19 pandemic control measures, checks are carried out at the arrivals area in accordance with the latest safety instructions. Contact your airline for information on the PCR tests requirements and in order to fill in a PLF form before your departure or arrival.
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ΧIV. Airport Information Office

Tel. : +30 2810 397129 +30 2810 397136

ΧV. Greek National Tourism Organization (G.N.T.O.)

Tel. : +30 2810 397305 +30 2810 397136

XVI. Passenger rights

You may find passenger rights in the following hyperlink:

XVII. Τicket Offices

  • Aegean Airlines: Τηλ: 2810-330475
  • Skyexpress
  • Aeroflot
  • Skyserv: Τηλ 2810 -347394/397213