IAHC has been awarded during the 2nd International Conference “Intermodal Transports”

We are proud of our participation in the 2nd International Conference “Intermodal Transports: Innovations in Planning, Management, Business Development & Decision Making” which took place in the lovely city of #Alexandroupolis on14 & 15 October 2021

The successful Conference named #vip4ride was under the organization of the Democritus University of Thrace – (D.U.Th.) – Department of Economics Science. The conference chair was Dr. Dimitrios Dimitriou, Professor Assoc. DUTh, Department of Economics.

The key topics covered the following areas: Supply chains, trade flows and innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Transport, Energy and Tourism Infrastructure, Planning Data driven decision and decision making, Sustainability, Resiliency of Business Ecosystem.

Our CEO of Heraklion International Airport, Mr. Thanos Vourdas, with his vast experience in Transportation shared a message from the Industry highlighting new directions and activities to revive the business after the declining Covid period in a panel with Chief representatives from the areas of tourism, chambers and transportation concessionaires, following the opening speech of Mrs Sofia Zaharaki , Dpt Minister of Tourism. He also shared the message of delivering the largest project currently in Greece during such an era while ensuring a strong brandname in the market under a determined action list already in force by the Concessionaire having as main pylons the Green and Sustainable Airport, first of its kind, as well as commitment to establish the synergies with others means of transportation, generate Cargo and Logistics activities and safeguard the growth of local community around the airport.

At the same time the Heraklion International Airport, Crete was nominated as the most “Innovative company and Model of Business structure and Investments”. Mr. Thanos Vourdas received the corresponding award from the President of Commerce and Industry Chamber and stated in his speech that IAHC promotes the engagement of experts in Transportation, Commerce and Academic fields and to further support proposes and undertakes the commitment to host the 3rd Conference in Heraklion, Crete.

Dr. Ayça Kolukısa, Chief Strategy Officer, presented the New Airport to the public for the first time through a virtual 3D tour explaining the key advantages and innovations of the new airport while she presented the corporate marketing strategies to create and strengthen the brandmane of the Company and Crete.

Mr. Theodoros Sbiliris, Dpt Chief Development Officer, had the chance to detail further the opening speech of the Gen. Secretary of Digital Governance Ministry, Mr Leonidas Christopoulos on the topics of Digital Transformation, Digitization and their applications in the Heraklion Airport to ensure commercialization and addressed areas that require joined effort between stakeholders to adopt necessary applications.

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